Chiang Mai

A place of prominence on the list of cities to visit is Chiang Mai, or The New City, probably one of the most interesting and diverse cities you may find in Thailand.   Located at about 700 km from Bangkok, the once capital of Thailand, famous for its festivals, markets and the 300 Buddhist temples, is also renowned and revered for its looks, cuisine, and national parks.

Old City

Encompassed by its still original walls, of rectangular shape, the old city is indeed one of the main attractions and should definitely be your place of choice when looking for accommodation.  Its lanes are a delight to wander down, especially at twilight, when the air is tinted with blue and gold.

Out and About

If you, like me, travel on a budget, you really want to stay as close to the old city as possible.  Not having a public transportation system, Chiang Mai relies upon privately owned “red trucks” that, for as little as 20 Baht, will take you anywhere within and in close proximity of the city walls.  You’re expected to pay up to 50 or 60 Bath if you wish to travel further out.  If in group, consider sharing the ride in a Tuk-Tuk, and be prepared to negotiate the fare.

Wish to hire a moped ? Well, wait until I have written a post on driving in Thailand.

The Long-neck Karen Village

Probably not a good idea, for reasons you might easily guess, for it being within everyone’s grasp.

Next, Pai. Stay tuned.