My stay in Kanchanaburi, 6 nights in total, was rather exceptional.  A lot went down in Kanchanaburi, historically, many died, and the attractions are a reminder of what went wrong, back in the WWII.

The Death Railway

Definitely worth the trip, the 2 hour ride to Tham Krasae Railway Station was a rather pleasant one.   As you can see from the pictures in the gallery, the train is old, though well maintained all considered.

The Bridge over the river Kwai

On your back to Kanchanaburi, you want to get off at the Bridge over the river Kwai and take some shots at sunset.  I can guarantee it’ll be quite the spectacle.  Make sure you leave by 14:30 from Tham Krasae Railway Station, so you can pick the best location for your sunset shot.

Things not to miss

Make sure you pay a visit to the night markets, the Chinese Pagoda and Erawan Waterfalls.

My thanks go to …

my landlady Jinni, who, besides providing the best possible accommodation, gave me invaluable tips and advice on how to move around Kanchanaburi.  She was also kind enough to invite me on the first day of a new English teaching project that the Ministry of Education was carrying out in a select number of schools in the area.  In an effort to maximize children’s learning of the English language, schools in this rural area have been provided with projectors, books and computers loaded with visuals and sounds. Teachers have also been trained to implement the communicative approach in their teaching.

It was uplifting for me to witness children so eager to learn and willing to interact with me to put into practice their newly acquired vocabulary.  For obvious reason you will not find pictures here.