Bangkok – Yet another Venice of the East

After spending 9 full days in Bangkok, The Venice of the East left me utterly unimpressed.


Not sure whether I had expectations of sorts. The fact remains that the heavily polluted air, the congested roads, the crazy driving, the filthy pavements are but a few of the things that made me cringe almost in disgust.  The list does not stop here. The difficulties I had communicating, with even the most basic English, were beyond any understanding.  With few exceptions, Bangkok is a city where you may have a hard time communicating with the most simple English vocabulary;  and as I continue travelling across the country, this seems to be rather consistent. Therefore, given Thai economy heavily relies upon tourism, I find the lack of basic English knowledge totally unjustified.  It goes without saying, this hasn’t stopped people from coming in and enjoying Bangkok, or Thailand for that matter, for what it is mostly famous or infamous for.

The word everyone is looking for is …

Anyway… until the Thai Baht remains weak against all major currencies , Thailand is likely to remain popular among those who value shopping and cheap entertainment, especially among the new generations.